Monday, March 30, 2015

Green Thumb?

When I was little, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house and my grandpa had a pretty large garden. I remember helping him a bit in the garden with stringing peas and pulling carrots and picking beans.  Then helping my grandma shell peas and snap the beans.  As a kid, it was all just a lot of fun and it has been something I have wanted to try my hand at for a few years (on a much smaller scale of course). The kids seem to be at a good age to try and do some planting of our own and I think homeschooling is a great excuse to try our hand at a little garden of our own. 

We had a bit of a dead space in the yard that we didn't really know what else to do with and it was in full sun, so it was perfect for a planting bed of our own. So we got Peter off to work on the first summer project of '15!  The boys loved "helping"! 

                                                                  Aren't they beautiful!

Then we filled the tall beds with lots of  good dirt and compostable debris. The kids were already having a blast with the amount of worms they were finding!

                                             Then they tried their hand at planting a few seedlings!

                                             And putting some garlic and onions in the ground!

It's going to be a bit of an experiment this year as we are just beginners at this gardening thing, but we're excited to try and see if we can make ourselves a green thumb!  So far I have had plenty of little helpers eager to get their hands in the dirt. I will keep you posted as the months go on!  Hopefully we'll end up with a bounty of yummy fresh veggies soon!