Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The New Ride

It's kind of the end of an era in our house right now.  You see, Peter has had his much beloved 1997 Honda Accord car since the day he started driving.  It's the car I always remember him driving to high school. It's the car we would hold hands in and blast music as we cruised while dating.  It's the car we drove off into the sunset in on our wedding day.  Clearly there are lots of memories with this much beloved car of Peter's.  But as time passes, it just started wearing down as cars tend to do.  

Its been a good 6 years or so since the air conditioning last worked in it.  He tried a few times to get it fixed but it would never stay charged for long. So he finally gave up and has road to and from work (in hot dress clothes) with the windows down on hot days. 

Not only has it been broken into multiple times, but it was also stolen 3 years ago. The fact that she was recovered at all was a bit of a miracle but she was even more worn down after that.  The thief tore apart the console and ripped out the stereo. For whatever reason, we never replaced it and so Peter has spent the last 3 years without music or radio to listen to on his commute. 

Then this winter was kind of the last straw.  His heat setting would only work on high.  Now that is also probably fixable but the poor guy has only high heat and no air conditioning. For a commuter car, that is kind of a pain.  Yes, I know - 1st world problems!

I've been trying to convince him for quite some time that it was time for him to get a new ride.  Now being the sentimental man that he is, he has been very hesitant to part with his much beloved old faithful car!  We've spent probably a good year (or more) in discussion about this.  After narrowing down his options, and taking this baby out on a test drive, he knew what he wanted.  After I did the legwork for him, he is thrilled to have a brand new 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid!  This car is pretty sweet!  And he's getting 45 miles to the gallon on his commute!  

I know it will definitely be a little bittersweet as we let go of his old car and get it on the market here in the next couple weeks, but I am happy for Peter. He's always, always put the needs of the rest of the family ahead of his own desires. He's pushed off a new car purchase for many years for various reasons. But it was his turn to finally get something nice for himself!