Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peter Goes to Ireland

When Peter changed companies last spring and moved into the world of International Tax, we knew International travel would become a part of the job at least a couple times a year. Particularly to the country of Ireland.  

Peter made his first voyage to Ireland over the course of the last two weeks.  We've missed him dearly at home but I enjoyed all of his updates and hearing about all the new things he's experiencing.  His excitement for Ireland and his love of of the people and his coworkers there makes me very excited to tag along with him on his next trip over there!  

He's done a pretty good job of documenting his time over there and since I know he will never post his own blog, I figured the least I could do is share the photos he sent us. He's getting ready to start his journey back across the ocean to us now and we can't wait to see him and hear more of his stories.