Thursday, October 2, 2014

How We've Survived the Last 2 Weeks

Exactly 10 years ago, Peter had left me and gone to WSU for his first semester of college.  That was such a hard time as all we could do was date a voice on the phone essentially.  But at the same time, those were probably some of the most beneficial days to our relationship as we communicated and got to know each other very well.  That separation only lasted one semester but through that we have only been apart a handful of times since then because we just plain don't handle being apart well.

I knew when he took this new job that it would require a lot more travel than we were used to and that sometimes I wouldn't be able to go.  I knew those times would be challenging but I also knew this new job was a great career move and that we would do whatever we needed to do.   The most important relationship I have (besides my relationship with God) is to my husband and if I can join him on his trips, I always do.  But there are trips that come, that we just can't swing.  A 2 week trip to Ireland with a newborn who's adoption isn't finalized, kind of fit in that box.  Much less, we've already been away from our other 3 children for a 10 day trip to Ethiopia and a 12 day trip to Florida to pick up Lillybelle this year.  So another 2 weeks away from the kids would just not be good.  

I got some advice from my friends who I would consider experts with traveling husbands and they gave me some good advice.  As they predicted, the day before he left and the first two days he was gone were really rough. I missed him a lot and couldn't imagine two weeks without him (yeah, I know we are probably pathetic but I really love my husband!) But by the time Monday rolled around I was figuring out a routine and things didn't feel quite so hard.  

A pleasant surprise was how much we were able to communicate.  I was expecting just a couple emails a day but since we had iphones we could easily send texts through ichat to each other. We were able to chat when Peter got to his hotel at night (so midday here) and then before I went to bed at night (and Peter was getting up in the morning).  

I also took my friends advice and let the house kind of go (a little) and worked hard to keep the kids busy and happy. Sometimes it definitely felt like survival mode and I am definitely exhausted.  I don't want to make it sound like I did this alone as I had a great village of support behind me.  The grandparents are always a big help and my friend "Auntie Megan" came and stayed in the guest house and really was available to help with the kids. So I couldn't have asked for anymore help!

So what did we do?  Well, are you sure you want to know?  Because this is totally picture overload but I had a lot to document for Peter ;)

Late night chats with little miss

We made a paper chain for the kids to count down each day.  It started out reeeeally long! 

Post Soccer Cuteness!

We built legos and did puzzles 

Peter wrote each of the kids the sweetest little notes and left them a bedtime "kiss" for every night! 

I went on lots and lots of runs to destress! 

Bina took a special shopping trip with mommy 

First Smiles! 

Silly girl!

The kids took naps! 

We had an indoor picnic

We spent time at grandma's

We stayed up too late 

We slept while brothers and sister played 

We went to the Jungle Gym

And played games 

We goofed off 

Watched football games 

Snuggled with mommy 

Went to a friends house to get pumpkins 

Made our own pizza's 

Played silly cheap games  

Posed for cute pictures 
Went on a date with mommy 

And started quarter #2 of school!

Yes it was a busy few weeks and exhausted doesn't even begin to describe it.  I think a tuckered out mommy and a jet lagged daddy will be taking some naps this weekend too!