Thursday, October 16, 2014

4 1/2

Some days deserve being celebrated with ice cream sundae's

And today would be one of those days, because a very special baby boy (yes, he's still my baby) was having his half birthday.  I asked him what type of cupcakes he wanted, but ice cream sundae's were more his style and I have to say, I do love his style!

And some siblings sure liked his style too!

And now Malachi is 4 1/2 and looking so forward to turning 5. I told him he still has quite awhile to wait, but he's already planning!

This sweet boy is so kind and gentle to his little siblings.  He loves his sisters so well and melts my heart with how sweet he is to his baby sister.  He's a precious little guy with a heart of gold!  He is also so very smart and is excelling with whatever I throw at him for school. He's almost learned to write all his letters now and it is so exciting to see him starting to put it all together as he reads simple words! He's also currently participating in soccer and has completed 4 sessions of swim lessons.  He also participates in Awana and will soon be starting Ethiopian Dance classes!

He's still a big boy.  I'm sure he's over 40 pounds now and is still as tall as ever. I keep hoping he will stay in one size of clothes for awhile, but no such luck yet!  He's now in the BOY section of the store and is wearing a little boy size small!  He's also in a huge size 13 shoe!

Malachi continues to be a very "plain" eater I would say.  He loves most fruits and veggies but prefers just plain buttered toast for breakfast and his trusty plain peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  He is somewhat picky with dinner but loves Mexican or Italian. His favorite right now is Spaghetti but he also loves a good cheeseburger and french fries!  

Oh Mali, we love you so much. I truly cannot imagine you not being a part of our lives.  You are the sweetest most hilarious little boy who just loves to be loved!  I cannot even tell you how proud we are with the big brother you are.  God planned this all so perfect and knew you would be a great leader for your siblings to follow.  We love learning more about who you are and your life has so much potential!  You are funny and keep me laughing all day.  You are an endless ball of energy and I love that special energy you bring to our home.  You are beautiful inside and out and so so loved!  We are blessed to call you our son and I hope you always feel the amount of love we hold for you!