Sunday, October 19, 2014

2 1/2 Years

As it works around here, we have another half birthday to celebrate!  Miss Princess Sabrina is now 2 1/2 years old!

We pretty much refer to her as the princess and she has accepted that role with full honors.  Her name means Princess so her attitude is pretty fitting!  She likes to make a lot of demands in typical princess 2 year old style.  We run around like idiots trying to gather her blanket, her poodle, her book, her water, and a toy cell phone that she MUST have with her to sleep every night.  While she is acting like your typical two year old these days, she is also the sweetest little girl!  She loves to snuggle and loves puzzles.  She keeps me laughing at all her antics.    She already talks so well and loves doing "school" time with her brothers.  She's gonna be another smart kiddo!  She has a full on obsession with Daniel Tiger and if you haven't checked that show out with your preschooler you should! She is also pretty close to fully potty trained.  Still working on a few aspects :) She's always been a pretty happy child and when she smiles her whole face shines!  She's definitely in a daddy phase right now and sure loves him.  I'm glad she loves him, but I'm still trying to win her back to team mommy!

She's also our most shy child and it takes a very long time for her to warm up to people.  She likes her close circle of people.  New experiences are hard for her and we're still pretty hit or miss on whether she will stay in the 2 year old room at church but she's making progress.  Daniel Tiger has been great in teaching her that "grown ups come back!"  It is weird to see so much of my own personality portrayed out in this little girl!

She's still on the small size.  All summer she was wearing 12-18 months or 18-24 month clothes.  She's finally getting into 2T clothes now.  Hopefully all those cute summer outfits I got her that she couldn't wear will still fit her next year.  She's in a size 7 shoe now.  She's a pretty good eater and likes almost all foods.  It's hard to think of a favorite with her  but I think french fries and apples are probably a few off the top of my head.  She's also still our best sleeper. She takes after mommy in that department and likes a full 12+ hours of sleep each night!

Miss Bina, you have been nothing but a blast from the day you were born! Raising a total girly girl in this house full of rowdy boys has been a lot of fun!  You are truly the sweetest little thing and even though you know you are the princess, you've captured us all with your charm. You are such a special gift in our lives and we love you so very much!  You are definitely my little sunshine!