Monday, February 4, 2013

2 Years Old

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Mr E!  I can hardly believe that in the blink of an eye my precious little 5 lb sweetpea is already a 25 pound bundle of energetic 2 year old!  You bring so much happiness into our lives. I'm not sure a baby boy could be any sweeter.  You are still my child who likes to cuddle the most.  You're the only one will relax and lay your head on my shoulder.  You always want mommy to cuddle with you and sing to you at naptime and bedtime.  You always tell me that you love me in your sweetest soft spoken voice.   You're almost too sweet for words!  

Before you were even a year old you had a fascination with balls. Your collection has grown quite a bit over this year (and even today we took you to ToysrUs and gave you the option of any toy and you chose a $2 ball!)  By 15 months you had mastered a nice jump shot and you will still always choose a ball to kick or throw over any other toy.  I can't even count the number of balls we have accumulated for you (and probably another 10 or so that he got for his birthday!) You've got a good arm little man!  We all can't wait to watch you continue to grow your talent as you clearly got some athletic genes going on.  You may be small, but you are mighty! 

You continue to amaze us with all your new skills.  You have an amazing vocabulary for just being 2 years old.  You have also amazed us with how easily and quickly you became potty trained!  You want to be a big boy just like your big brother!

You are obsessed with your daddy right now.   Anything he does, you want to do.  Good thing you got the best role model in that department! You may love your daddy but I still know I'm your favorite ;)

Oh precious boy, if you only knew just how much I loved you. I have never been more terrified than I was on the day you were born.  There is no love as fierce as a mother's!  Your health scare brought out a mama bear protectiveness that Daddy still has to remind me from time to time that you are okay and that I need to let go a little bit and not try to protect you so much.  You are quickly growing and wanting to be your own person and you are a daredevil (which does not help the above mentioned over protective nature!)  You are sweet, soft spoken, stubborn, temperamental, cuddly, and lovable!  You have the sweetest little eyes that you can turn on to charm mommy whenever you want!  You are one amazing little boy and we look forward to everything this year of your life will hold as you continue to grow!  Happy Birthday lil lovebug!