Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did it anyway!

Okay, okay, okay.  So call me fickle or whatever you want :)  I KNOW not long ago I posted that we in fact would not be running the Disneyland Half Marathon this year.  But you know what, as time went on we still couldn't let it go and felt awful about letting this go.  This race is what we are working towards and looking forward to and to let it go felt like too much.  

I got up this morning, fully intending to just let it pass by and deal with the sadness that we weren't getting to go.  Well, then around 9:15 I checked my email and got a notice that registration had opened at 9:00.  I was so disappointed and just to punish myself I clicked on the registration button.  Up to this date, Peter and I had discussed maybe waiting a month or two and then registering since in years past it hadn't sold out by that point.  So, imagine my surprise when I got on the website and noticed that Peter's races were already at 90% full and my race was already 75% full.  Yikes!  Guess we had to make a decision, and fast.  Making fast decisions is just not how we roll so this was out of our character!  But in that moment we just knew that we were going to have some serious regrets if we let this pass by.  So by some miracle I was able to get right on there and register.  As I read other comments later I realized just how fortunate we were.  Others were having serious technical difficulty and the registration was closed by the time I completed Peter's.  So I guess it really was truly just meant to be.

We are working hard to find that balance between spending and enjoying our journey through life and saving for our future.  It is sometimes hard to find that place.  As we look at where we are at, we are on the right track and even ahead of the game for most people our age.  We don't really spend much money on ourselves so this is our one big, fun splurge for the year and it will serve as major motivation to keep working our tails off and stay in shape!  So, while I know I don't need to justify our decision's to anyone else I did want to try and explain how we came about this decision.  Dave Ramsey may be disappointed but you know what? I have no regrets tonight!  We are looking forward to the end of August and our very first Disneyland Marathon Weekend!

With all that being said, we came into 2013 with some serious plans and well, God seems to be changing a lot of things in our lives.  We have some very big and exciting things coming up!  Apparently we can never have a year off and take it easy, it's just not our style :)