Monday, January 14, 2013

Ethiopian Christmas!

I kind of forgot to post these from a week ago.  January 7th was Ethiopian Christmas.  Now that Malachi is getting older, I really want to start teaching him about where he came from and try to embrace some of the traditions from Ethiopia into our family.  Christmas in Ethiopia looks very different than it does here.  It is one of a few days in a year where families will splurge and have meat (typically goat).  There aren't usually gifts involved and it is a day where you spend hours in church, eat a good meal together, and play games.  In the future I hope to incorporate that tradition and make it a family fun day where we play games and eat food :)

So this was my first attempt EVER at making homemade Ethiopian food.  I know we REALLY Americanized these recipes but I gave it my best shot!  I admit that none of our huge fans of Ethiopian food but that doesn't mean we won't try it a couple times a year ;)  Maybe someday our boys won't opt for PB sandwiches instead!

I started my Injera about 24 hours before dinner.  I later read that if we really want it to be sour, it needs to ferment for 2-3 days, so I will try that next time.  It was definitely not sour enough!   

I also found a new recipe for Ethiopian Honey Bread.  Now THIS stuff was good!  It has a little hint of cinnamon to it that makes it delectable!

            I also made Sega Wat, which is essentially a spiced beef stew!  The Berbere in the slow cooker all day really made our house smell like Ethiopian food :)

Then I made the Injera (kind of similar to how you make a crepe).  It took me a few tries before I figured out how to make the perfect piece, but I got there!

Malachi enjoyed playing with the spongy Injera!

 And then both boys opted for a sandwich instead.  But I thought it was pretty darn good and Peter said it was the best meal I have made in awhile (not sure how to take that.....)

Our precious little Ethiopian!  We love you Malachi and all the fun and new traditions your heritage has brought into our family!  Ethiopia will forever hold a very special place in our hearts and we look forward to the day that we can take you back and show you that beautiful country!


Anonymous said...

Your celebration meal looks wonderful and your kiddo is absolutely adorable!