Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Things - #1

I saw this idea on another blog, and thought it was a good idea. The concept is that I will dedicate 30 posts to my children and sharing with them 30 things they should know about me!  

Today, in this first post I will be sharing 20 random things about myself for my children to know about me:

1) I am the youngest sibling of 4 and the only girl in my family
2) I love adidas superstars and will most often be found wearing them. Even got married in them.  I used to own over 20 pairs but have simplified my life and only own a few pairs now.
3) You will quickly learn that we love Disneyland and Mickey Mouse in this house.  I have been to a Disney park every year since I was 18 years old (although I do think that streak may end here soon). Your daddy and I have a bucket list dream of visiting every Disney park in the world.
4) We hope to teach you all about financial freedom.  Your daddy and I have spent our marriage working through Dave Ramsey's Total  Money Makeover.  We hope to lead you by example down this road.
5) I love cake. It makes me happy!
6) My happy color is blue. But I also like purple and orange. 
7) I have a huge passion for children.  I have never wanted anything more in life than to be a mom. I often wonder if I will ever feel "done" with having babies in our home.
8) Basketball was the one sport I stuck with and played all the way through high school.
9) I love you fiercely.  No one in this world will love you quite like I do.  I know I fail daily as a mother and will always strive to be better but always know that I love you like no one else can!
10) I am extremely casual.  I hate having to dress up and will always slip into sweatpants as soon as possible!  I wear minimalist makeup and it is a lucky day if I bother styling my hair! I'm not up on fashion trends and I typically don't care what other people may think of the way I present myself (the exclusion is of course your daddy - I do want to look nice for him!)  
11) My favorite season is fall. I love the colors and warm clothes and that it brings the start of college football season!
12) I need 12 hours of sleep at night to feel rested.
13) I love big rollercoasters but cannot do any rides that go in circles. They make me sick.
14) I love baking
15) I am horrible at math
16) I love to shop but have to hold back A LOT on this one to gain that financial freedom!
17) I cannot watch intense tv shows before bed.  If I do, I will have action packed dreams all night!
18) I love Harrison Ford.  Always have and always will.  He's 50 years older than me, but I still have a crush on him. 
19) I am very attached to my pillow. I have had it far too long and I don't even want to think about the things inside of it, but I cannot sleep without it.  It has traveled the world with me! 
20) I don't pay attention to details. I will be the last person to notice someone's new haircut.  After 4 years of living in our house I still have no idea which light switch goes to which light and I have no idea where things are when people start naming off streets - I need points of interest people!