Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Well, today is the first day of summer and this is what we plan on doing a lot of this summer:




And in the midst of lots of fun, we just made a big transition to the boys sharing a room!  So far, it seems to be going well.  Eli likes to go to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow and Malachi tends to stay awake talking to himself for about an hour when we put him down so that has been an adjustment.  Eli will put up with Mal's shenanigans for a little while and then he wears out and falls asleep.  So they are figuring it out.

This is what I've walked into the last 2 mornings.  Malachi throws all the stuffed animals, blankets, pillow from his bed into Eli's crib and joins him for early morning fun.  Crazy boys and best friends for sure!  I imagine it won't  be long before we are converting Eli's crib to a toddler bed too, then who knows what type of trouble they are going to get into together!  

And because life can never be crazy enough, we are also getting back on track with potty training!  So far, I see this being a little bit of a challenge for Malachi as he doesn't seem to mind whether or not his pants or wet.  But he does not like me putting a diaper on him, so we're making some slow progress.  He also loves to show off his potty chart with the stickers!  I'm going to need LOTS of patience to get through these potty training days :)

And just because I figure, what will it hurt - we are also in the very very early stages of potty training Elias.  Worst case, he doesn't figure it out and best case we get them both trained together.  After all, they are best buddies and Eli wants to do everything Malachi does.

Happy Summer everyone!  I'm looking forward to the nice weather and fun times with my little family!


Theresa said...

The pictures of the boys together in the crib and on the potties are just DARLING! I'm sensing a lot of mischief making from them this summer!