Saturday, June 9, 2012

Boys will be Boys

Oh sure, they may look sweet here!

But don't let them try to fool you, because there have been a lot of timeouts going on around here this week!

This has been a particularly rough week with these boys and I have had to remind myself many times that they are 1 and 2 year old little boys with TONS of energy to burn and LOTS of rain outside preventing them from getting outside this spring! 

So I decided to photograph a few of the outlets in which they have chosen to get out their energy this week:

                                                         Crushing their snacks on my couch:

                                                        Spitting water on the rocking chair:

                                                            Throwing snacks all over the floor:
                                              (often times this is followed by jumping on them!)

                                                            Tag teaming escape routes!

                                                        Reciting the ABC's on his "pedestal":

                                         Yelling at the dog and trying to escape for the 500th time:

                                         Sitting (or standing) on things they aren't supposed to:

                                                         Screaming while mommy cooks:

                                                             Spitting water on themselves:

                       Pulling rungs out of the blinds and throwing them over the gate (with other items)

          Teaching little brother how to climb on dangerous toys (which result in bloody noses that big brother uses as finger paint while mommy gets the bleeding to stop - yes, that DID happen!)

It has been quite a week, let me just say that now!  Boys are definitely a special species!  I really do love being the mommy to boys but I really hope this weather gets nice soon so they can burn that energy OUTSIDE of my home!  I am somewhat shocked we survived this week with just one bloody nose and no ER trips!

And just for fun, a precious picture of what the princess does (most days)!  I am SURE she will NEVER do ANY of the things these boys do ;)