Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I knew when I married Peter that he would make a great father to our children someday.  He however, has completely blown my socks off with how much he has embraced fatherhood.  Sometimes, becoming a father can be a difficult role change for a man.  But from the first second he held Malachi in his arms almost 2 years ago, he has been 100% committed to being a daddy!  Not very many men could handle becoming "daddy" three times over in such a short timespan but he sure has handled it well!

Not only does he work hard and provide for his family, but he comes in the door every evening ready to get his hands dirty!  There's usually a child who needs help with his dinner.  He usually takes over bath time and is the one who has really mastered Malachi's hair routine!  My favorite moments come at bedtime, when Peter tucks the boys in and reads to them and prays with Malachi.  He is all around the leader in our house!

On the weekends, he gets up with the boys so that I can get a little extra rest. He has no problem getting his hands dirty and sometimes that means changing 12 poopy diapers over the weekend ;)  He's a special man and the amazing thing is, he never complains about how much he has to do.  He works close to 50 hours a week, commutes an hour away, is entirely hands on with the kids, while having to maintain a home at the same time.  He's incredible!  

Parenthood has suited Peter perfectly!  Happy Father's Day to the best daddy I know!


Mrs Melissa Baker said...

He sounds like an amazing father.