Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warm Days!

Summer is starting to show its face here in Oregon and we have had a really great time getting outside with the boys whenever possible!  Malachi loves to be outside and Eli is starting to warm up to it, although he is still afraid of the grass but I hope we can work through that as the summer goes on!

Playtime with Daddy at the park:

We recently bought the boys a sand and water table to play with.  Until we got some sand, we filled the table with beans (which I would NOT recommend.  After a day, the beans were soggy and mildewed and full of bugs - YUCK!)  The boys sure had fun trying out the table!

A few nights later, the boys were outside while Peter was watering the lawn.  I had mentioned the idea of seeing what Malachi thought of the sprinkler.  So we let Malachi loose, and in perfect Malachi fashion - he ran right into the water and had a great time.  He sure does embrace life to the fullest!  He had so much fun, and even though the sun was going down and he was shivering, he was so upset when we made him come back in the house.  He was one could little boy and we tried to tell him that summer is just beginning and he will still have plenty of time to play in the water outside!

And just because he's cute, here's a picture of Eli eating dinner.  He does not want us to help feed him anymore so this is what happens most nights.