Friday, May 18, 2012

1 Month Old

Little Miss Sabrina is already 1 Month Old - as hard as it is to believe!  She is already becoming such a big strong little girl and we have gotten into a great routine already!  This transition to 3 kids has actually gone very smooth for us!

Today she is weighing in at 9 lbs 4 ounces (25-50%) so she is doing amazing! She eats every 2-3 hours during the day and well, goes much longer during the night :)  

I for one, have had a GREAT time playing dress up with a little GIRL in just this first month!  It is already very clear to me that we are going to have LOTS of fun!!!

A few of her many firsts this month include - her cord falling off at 4 days old!  2 trips to the pediatrician - one for a weight and jaundice check since we discharged from the hospital early and her 2 week appointment!  

She had some problems with her cord at first, but after a few weeks it was healed enough for her to finally get her first real bath :)

And after a couple weeks of sleeping between us, the little miss moved to the playpen next to the bed and had about 3 nights of blissful rest through the night - at all of 3 weeks old!  Go Sabrina!!!

We've had a few nights where the sleep hasn't been as good but she still sleeps between 5-7 hours which is good enough for now!

Another fun milestone was meeting her (second) cousin Allison!  My cousin Sara and I got to go through pregnancy together and now we get to have our girls grow up together.  Allison is just 16 days older than Sabrina and hopefully they will be good friends :)

 And she has also started having real smiles.  Daddy wasn't fully convinced but she's having them and I've tried to capture a few on camera:

And then there is just the sweetness of those sleepy dream smiles!  Sometimes I get a little bit jealous of how cozy she looks when she sleeps.  I would love to cozy on up nezt to her and nap (although I do admit we get to nap together at least a few times a week together!)

Sabrina, I can't believe it has already been a month since you came into this world.  A part of me is really sad to see how fast time is going.  I would love it if you stayed small for longer but I know I can't so I am learning to enjoy every second and every little cuddle I can with you!  You are such a sweet little baby and I couldn't love you anymore!  We're already building quite the bond and I think for being one month into this thing, we're doing really good at getting to know one another!  I can pick up on all your cues pretty well and it seems like you are on a pretty good schedule.  You are my beautiful little princess and I love you so much Sabrina Fair!  


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