Friday, May 4, 2012

2 Years Ago Today

2 Years ago this very day, I saw the face of my first child!  My precious little boy who we had been waiting so long to meet.  Our journey to our first child was not the easiest or quickest, but we sure have made up for that now :)  

I will never forget the mix of emotions I felt in the weeks and days leading up to seeing his face.  Adoption made me a crazy woman.  I longed so much to meet my child and when everything didn't come together in the timing I would have liked, I may have grown just a little bit impatient.  

Fortunately, God's plans are always greater and May 4th will always be engraved in my head as one of the most epic days of my life.  I will never forget sitting at work during my lunch and just praying that I wouldn't have to wait any longer to meet my son and then just a few minutes later seeing my phone ring and seeing it was our adoption agency with the news that our day had finally come, that we had a beautiful son!

I will never forget calling Peter at work and asking him if he wanted to meet his son!  I will never forget sitting in my car, scribbling notes as our case worker told us all the information she had on this little boy.  Learning his Ethiopian name - Segni and hearing her refer to him by a real name!  Our son was finally more than just a dream!  He had a name and a birthday!  

I will never forget coming home and opening up my email attachments (which felt like it took an eternity) and seeing this precious face for the first time!

I couldn't believe that this beautiful baby boy was mine! He was the most perfect little creation I had ever seen in my life! Not only did my son have a name and a real birthday, but he now had a face for me to stare at for hours and hours and days and days while I waited to meet him!

Within hours, I had an email sent off to a friend who was in Ethiopia picking up her son, and it didn't take her long to hunt down our little boy and send us a few more precious pictures of him.  We only have a few pictures of his first months of life and each and every one of them is such a precious gift to me!  

Adoption still remains the most difficult thing I have ever done. It is not an easy calling.  But when the journey all comes together and what started out as a dream for a child comes together with a real, living, breathing person - words cannot adequately describe that feeling.  I am so thankful for our precious gift Malachi Segni!