Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tease

Peter and I love the snow! However, we do not get a lot of snow. A couple of inches of snow is a real treat for us! So with the potential for snow in the forecast this week, we were very excited! Well, it all ended up being a huge disappointment. The weathermen are terrible at predicting snow around here and it seems they always get our hopes up only to drop us.

We did however, get a little bit of snow and it was fun to get Malachi up in the morning and show him that it was snowing outside. He stood in the window for a few minutes mesmerized by this white stuff falling down and kept pointing and saying "snow"!

It didn't stick around long enough for us to take him out to play in it. We had the potential for a lot more snow, but the storm went north of us so instead we are just stuck with a lot of rain (the usual).

I still hope that sometime before this winter is out we will get some more. I really want to see what Malachi thinks of it this year - he hated it last year.