Wednesday, January 4, 2012

24 Weeks

Today I had my 6 month check-up with my OB. It is crazy to me that I only have one more monthly appointment before I start going every 2 weeks! Time is flying!

Everything is going really good with this pregnancy. In fact, at my last two appointments I have had the lowest blood pressure I have ever had in my life. Must be doing something right! This gives me hope that I may actually be in good enough health this pregnancy to pass my glucose test at my next appointment!

We talked about general concerns. I have days with a lot of braxton hicks contractions and very painful, hunched over round ligament pain accompanied by cramping. It isn't a huge concern to me, but I am the last person in the world to ever want to call my doctor so I figured I better ask. She said that this could be an issue for me since I don't get a lot of downtime with chasing two babies around. So her advice is to lay down for 15 minutes, chug water and if it doesn't go away in that amount of time to go ahead and give her a call.

She is still very concerned about my risk of delivering early, again mostly based on the fact that I can't rest much with 2 kids to chase after and care for. She is really hoping that I can make it to 37 weeks, but said it is totally possible to make it to 40 weeks too - we just have to wait and see how this 3rd trimester plays out.

So at this point, everything is looking really great! No new restrictions and my general health and weight gain is perfect! The baby was being super active (as usual these days). My doctor couldn't believe how much s/he was wiggling around already. I said that is pretty much the norm of how much movement I feel most of the day.

So onward and up we go! I am growing by the second into a whale, getting more and more uncomfortable, finding it harder to breath and sleep. Unfortunately I am fully aware that it is all downhill from here, at least the prize is very much so worth it :P