Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deja Vu

This is what the closet in Eli's room looks like today:

Pretty much exactly the same as it looked 1 year ago. All of the preemie/newborn/0-3 month clothes are washed and ready! All the receiving blankets and miracle wraps and burp cloths are washed and ready! Over the weekend I finished cleaning out Malachi's closet and made room to move all of Eli's clothes in there as we start the very slow transition of the boys sharing a room.

With this being the 3rd baby to enter our family in 2 years, there isn't a whole lot of stuff to do to prepare. Last week my mom and I went shopping and picked up a few of the essentials that I need, but really we are mostly ready! The biggest things on my list for the coming months are to get Malachi into a toddler bed and keep trying the potty training game.

I hit 26 weeks today and I am really starting to slow down. I have been purposeful about getting everything set up really early for this baby because I know I may have to take things really easy in the coming weeks. A few weeks ago I started having a lot more contractions. Most of them braxton hicks, some just cramping, and some "real" ones. My guidelines right now are to call the doctor if I have any form of a contraction that is more than 4 an hour or if I can't get them to stop after laying down and chugging water. So far, laying down has been able to fix the problem, which is really good and sets my mind at ease, but I still know that I have to be really careful - baby still needs to bake for A LOT longer!

Everything seems to be setting my uterus into a fit these days. If I pick up one of the boys, I get a contraction. I roll over in bed, I get a contraction. Both boys are crying and stressing me out, I get a contraction. I'm not overly worried about it, but sometimes they do get pretty bad and it does make me nervous. There have been several times that I have thought I may need to call my doctor, but then things settle down. I will for sure be having a big discussion about this at my next appointment in 2 weeks if I don't call her before that.

I'm not sure of what level of concern she will have or what changes she may make to daily life, but I know she wants me to be taking it easier so that is what I am doing. I often wonder if there is anything I could have done differently to keep Eli baking longer, but I can't change any of that now, but there are changes I can make in my life right now that will up the odds of this baby staying safely inside for longer! It means laying down and resting while the boys nap instead of hitting the chores like I usually do - it is okay if my house is a little messier this days. It means asking my husband to make some mac and cheese or grilled cheese for dinner when he comes home instead of cooking something myself. It means cutting out other stress factors in my life or maybe staying home more so I can lay down and rest. My top priorities right now are keeping the boys taken care of and baking this baby! Everything else can wait, but I am still learning that lesson. It is hard to cut back on things, but this is only for a few more months and will be well worth it in the end!