Saturday, August 6, 2011

Marriage Related Stuff

Here are some of my favorite posts from this week:

Date Ideas - Link HERE
One of my favorite marriage related websites, the generous wife has a section where people have submitted their best date night ideas and since I am such a huge fan of weekly date nights, I am looking forward to trying some new ideas in the coming weeks!

What does a healthy marriage look like? - Link HERE
This is a great post about scheduling a once a year marriage "check-up"and working on ways to improve it. I can think of many ways that I could work on becoming a better wife and hope to start implementing changes NOW!

Tiny Choices - Link Here
A great blog post that really got me thinking about how the small things really do impact our marriage. The yucky little things can build up and topple the great thing we have going.

Anger in Marriage - Link Here
This was written from a husbands point of view, but it applies to me too. I hate to admit that I have struggled with a lot of anger lately and have taken my bad attitude out on my hard working husband. So many things are "up in the air" for us right now and I am a planner to the CORE and this unpredictability of things in the future wears me out and frustrates me. The crazy thing is there isn't a single thing my husband can do to fix it (just need to be patient) and yet he is the one I get mad at. But I do hate waiting.............

The Legacy Drawer - Link HERE
It is kind of crazy how the lives of our children has made me think a lot more about being prepared in my death. This is a great part of Dave Ramsey's site that helps me know what Peter and I need to work on so if something happens to one or both of us, everyone has the information they would ever possibly need, all in one place! I am going to start working hard on getting this Legacy Drawer all put together!