Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 Months Old!

Seriously, I cannot believe this baby boy is already 6 months old! WHERE has the time gone?Isn't he still that teeny tiny little guy we brought home from the NICU!?!? I was caught up in scrapbooking this week and just could not believe that he was sooo tiny when he came home, just barely 5 lbs and looking like a tiny little fragile elf!

How quickly things change!

But alas, he really is 6 months old and I know how much he is going to grow and change in these next 6 months and I just want to enjoy every last second that he allows me to cuddle and snuggle with him! He is SUCH a little snuggle bug and that makes me very happy! Oh, and he has the most kissable, happy cheeks!

Elias continues to grow big and strong! He is now 16 lbs 3 ounces (10-25%) and 25.5" long (10%)! There were some concerns about his level of strength at his 4 month appointment but I am very happy to report that he is doing a great job of catching up with his peers! No concerns whatsoever from the pediatrician now - yay!

Look at our big boy sitting up all by himself :)

Sitting up allowed him to move in to the big boy bath seat this week!

Other milestones this month include rolling both ways now! He is also really starting to grab at everything and those hands and feet are just so interesting to look at! He chews all the time but still no teeth.

He has continued to try lots of new foods. He is actually through all of the stage 1 and stage 2 fruits and vegetables. He is eating 2 fruits and 1 veggie stage 2 per day. Most veggies continue to be a battle with him and he still gobbles down all the fruits. He is now on half frozen milk and half formula and continues to do well with this transition! This month he also tried his very first finger food of puffs and yogurt melts! He is doing so good and we are going to be adding lots of other new tastes and textures this month!

He has established a really great routine this month and I LOVE routine :) He goes down around 8:00 and sleeps for about 12 hours and he is now steadily taking 2 naps a day that are usually about 2 hours each! My pediatrician said we should probably keep the fact that we have two great sleepers to ourselves :)

We continue to love and adore this boy. We are watching as more of his personality comes out. He is a generally content, very sweet, happy little guy! He loves to watch his big brother play and is more than happy to give us a smile when we ask! He is unbelievably content most of the time!

Happy half year little bug! You are growing way too fast and it kind of hurts mommy to know you aren't going to be such a little baby boy for much longer. I am so proud of you and how hard you have worked and how far you have come from such a fragile little baby trying to play catch up to today where you are right where you should be! You are such a delight for us and I look forward to watching you grow and discover in the coming months!