Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up

Well, it has been a few days and well, I am falling a bit behind with my blogging :) To be honest, I am VERY worn out and just trying to survive these next two weeks (more on that later!) These last 2 months have been very hard with Peter being consumed by his studying, but hopefully with a lot of prayer and some more hard work this will all be behind us in 2 weeks. But I seriously have NO IDEA how single mom's do it! Serious, props to you. I have Peter's help some of the time still (just not as much as I need) and this is hard!

So lets go back about a week ago. For our "Family Date Night" we went out to dinner and then headed over to a local park to let the boys play. I had a rough day and needed to get out and Malachi was very ready to get out of the house too run around! I think that is the most challenging thing about having these two so close together is that I can't get out very much by myself because they both still need me to carry them and watch them VERY closely. Anyway, that rant is over.....

Eli got to swing for the very first time, and he really loved it!

We got them both swinging for a little while and the pictures I captured pretty much melt me into a million pieces!
Then Malachi was back to running around, so I got some other pictures of Mr Smiley!

Every once and awhile Malachi would come back around and he was tickled about Eli being in the swing and wanted to stand right in the motion. Peter had to act fast several times to save Malachi from getting clobbered!

I was taking pictures of Eli and noticed that Malachi was being cute in the background, so I started snapping away!

And the photo op just kept getting cuter and cuter..........
And then it became perfect! This is love right here!

Daddy decided to play the game "scare mommy to death" that of course Malachi loves! A great picture, but I am still not a fan of the game.

Run Malachi Run! I was so amazed at how just a couple months ago we came to the park and Malachi kept falling because he couldn't handle the terrain and now here we are and so quickly he is running all over the place!

Eli tries out the slide

Getting sleepy,

And he's gone........

So impressed with Malachi's skills. Here he is climbing ALL the way up the slide, ALL by himself!

And moving along from that picture overload here is a shot of Elias chilling out on our bed!

And I find this one hilarious! If I tell Malachi to smile for the camera, this is the face he makes:

And lastly, I seriously love my coupon and survey sites. Today I just cashed out a bunch of money, enough to buy us a NICE duvet for our bed! I have been wanting a nice fluffy one for years but they are so expensive that we have just kept our cheap and not so nice one. Well, I saved up enough money and today I ordered our new one and it will be here on Friday :)

Also, getting the mail since starting my couponing has gotten to be a lot more fun! Almost daily there is something fun in it! In the last week I have gotten 3 coupons for free full size hair products from different brands and today I got the mail and couldn't believe this amazing package from Hartz dog products! Amazingly it was all free! Doggy potty pads, a full size dog shampoo, full size dog treats, a container of vitamins, a toy, and a dog brush plus lots of high value coupons. Seriously, getting good deals and freebies is FUN!