Monday, August 8, 2011

1 Year In Our Arms

1 Year ago today, we were here:

With these amazing couples:

In this very room, where we emptied that crib right there on the right (with the mouse on it!)

And held the little guy who would steal our hearts!

1 Year! How quickly things change and babies grow!

Today we celebrate the blessing that we were given 1 year ago today!

Even baby brother got in on the action!

How precious you are to us Malachi!

Yesterday we celebrated with a jam packed day at the zoo and out to Ethiopian food! Malachi had a great time playing with the water at the zoo. Maybe next year we will go to a water park :)

Taking a walk with Grandpa and Grandma

While baby brother gets some food in the tummy!

It is so hard to believe that it has been a year with that sweet boy in our arms!

Trying his first Ethiopian food!

And even stranger still at how much I miss Ethiopia today! The trip 1 year ago was so hard on me physically and I thought it would be many years before I wanted to return, but that isn't the case anymore. I really do miss my son's homeland! It was such a beautiful place, with beautiful people, and a beautiful culture!

We love you so much Malachi!


Lauren said...

It is so awesome that it's been a year! Couple of things I wanted to comment on...

- how cute Malachi is!
- he had the same bed at HH as our Eden! (she arrived at HH December 2010)
- Eden has the same ball that he has!

Fun stuff!
-Lauren Huss (