Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Camp-Out

Every summer my family gets together for a large reunion/ 3 day camp out! It is a fun time to catch up with the family we don't see all that often. It is also fun to see all the new babies that weren't around this time last year - my two included in that number this year :)

I spent the afternoon out there yesterday, and then they had a big potluck last night where all the family that doesn't camp comes down for the evening to visit. Peter joined me with the boys once he got off work. We don't camp out since the campsite is just 10 minutes from our house.

I was very busy trying to keep track of my boys! There was one point where I was feeding Eli and chasing Malachi. Malachi decided to do the typical boy thing and sit down in a pile of dirt and throw it all around and in the air. He was having fun but, he sure got dirty!

Eli was getting fussy and Malachi was getting hard to keep under control and Peter was still an hour away so I decided to put the boys in the stroller and take them for a walk to chill them out for a while. I asked one of my niece's if she wanted to ride her bike and come along too. Well, that was a mistake because then my other niece wanted to go, and then one of the other grandmother's asked if her grand daughter could go and then 3 more asked if they could go. So I ended up going down the trails with me and my two boys in the stroller and 6 kids ages 6-7 on their bikes. Fortunately they all behaved and none of them got hurt while I was supervising.

By the time I got back and Eli was finally asleep Daddy was there to take over Malachi Chasing - whew! We had a great potluck and got to socialize with family. By the time dinner was over, the boys were getting tired so we weren't able to stick around for the camp fire and smore's - maybe next year.

My boys playing with their cousins (babysitters in training!)

Sandwich Time!

Eli relaxing under the shade of the trees!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

FUN!!!! Love family get togethers!!!