Tuesday, July 19, 2011

15 Months

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I stopped doing monthly developmental posts on Malachi once he hit a year. Now that he is 15 months I figured it was time for a good update on how he is doing and growing! It is unbelievable how much he has grown and changed just since his birthday!

At his check up today he is weighing in at 26 lbs 8 ounces (90%) and a whopping 33" tall (95%)! We remain confident (as does the pediatrician) that he is going to be a very big boy :)

He is at a really fun age as he really understands a lot of what we say to him and boy can that boy talk! It feels like he is learning new words all the time! He will just ramble on all the time and sometimes he gets really frustrated and you can tell it is because he can't quite say what he wants to tell us.

Here are the words I can think of off the top of my head that he knows:

bye bye
night night
all done
ruff ruff
row row row
roll it
want more

(we are still working on please and thank you. Seriously, with all the other words this boy knows, he just refuses to say those!)

Since his first birthday he has gotten 2 more teeth - his very first molars. Those have been pretty brutal for him as they have come in. He still only has 2 teeth on the top and now 6 on the bottom. He's a bit lopsided but I think he is working on 2 more teeth up top!

He still loves to dance all the time and has added several new moves to his dancing. If he hears a beat, even in the way background (like at a restaurant) he has to wiggle and move along with it! He also is learning how to jump and run too! He loves to jump in his crib. He just recently has started climbing everything and we are starting to see how much of a daredevil he is!

Here are his latest dance moves: (for those getting this by email, you have to go to the blog itself to access the video)

Some of Malachi's favorite things are - playing with his blocks, dancing, climbing on anything and everything and reading books.

His hair has gotten really long and that is with me doing a little at home trimming too - I thought we would cut it, but I really do love it the way it is! We recently tried "coils" in his hair and he looked so darn cute!

He really is so much fun right now as he is learning so many new skills all the time. But along with the good are coming some undesired behaviors. He is starting to show more signs of frustration when things don't go his way. I know temper tantrums are right around the corner. He also has gone through a hitting phase, trying to hit me and baby brother all the time. As I learned how to better respond to it (no was NOT the right answer for us) that behavior is going away. Now I respond with a "that hurts mommy" or "that hurts brother" or "I know you get frustrated" and then cuddle him - it has actually almost completely stopped the behavior! I was amazed at how quickly that worked! He also has a strong opinion about foods. If he doesn't like what I give him or is done eating - it quickly ends up on the floor.

The "bad" is a very small percentage of the time with our boy. Most of the time he is the sweetest little thing and has us constantly laughing at his personality. He is even starting to like his role as the big brother and that is so fun to see! He is a great delight in our lives and we are so thankful and lucky that we get to be his parents!!!