Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Boys First 4th of July

It was fun to get to celebrate with our boys this year. Malachi was almost 3 months old on the 4th last year but he was still in Ethiopia and I remember so clearly getting a video on the 4th of July last year and getting to see his smile for the very first time. It was also crazy to see how HUGE he had gotten in just the 4 weeks since I had last seen a picture of him. And while Elias was just a little tiny thing in my tummy this time last year, he was sure making his presence known on the 4th - I felt very sick, I do remember that!

So we kept it very relaxed and low key. I made a delectable smore brownie recipe and we bought steaks and headed over to Peter's parents house.

Malachi was crazy as always!

I STILL can't believe just how much has changed in 1 year of our lives. We are so blessed!

We had a really great day and the weather was superb! Malachi was not a fan of the fireworks so he got to stay up very late last night. When we got home the fireworks were still going strong in our neighborhood, but as soon as a cop drove by all the neighbors dashed around to pick up their illegal fireworks and things quieted down enough for Malachi to fall asleep. It was a really great day!!!