Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Day in the Life - Second Installment

In January, I did a post about a day in the life of Malachi. It was actually fun to see what a typical day in our lives looks like. So I thought it would be fun, now 6 months later to see just how much life has changed, and it has changed quite a bit! Malachi was 9 months old for the first installment and now Malachi is just shy of 15 months and Elias is 5 months old. Crazy how much life can change in 6 months :)

Here is the link to installment #1

And Here we are today:

8:30 AM - Time to get up! Malachi is awake. (I used to get up early and work out and shower before the boys woke up, but that left me so tired throughout the day. So now, I take advantage of as much sleep as possible and I am way less tired and that is better for everybody - believe me!) I brush my teeth and take off to get the big man up!

8:45 AM - After a diaper change it is breakfast time. Today breakfast is a bit hurried since Eli was awake and fussing (hence no picture) but it consisted of a banana, milk, and an eggo with peanut butter and jelly - one of Mal's favorites.

9:00 AM - Malachi is off to the races and it is time to get Eli up. Eli is still looking a bit sleepy.

Time for diaper change #1 and the first outfit of the day, and of course bottle #1 that he was eagerly waiting for.
9:20 AM - Playtime for Eli! I put him in a safe spot nezt to the computer and away from Mr. Malachi who loves to poke at baby brother any chance he gets.

9:30 AM - Dress Malachi. To help keep Malachi entertained we pull out the blocks. We are working harder throughout the day to give him specific learning activities - blocks, the shape sorter, or wooden puzzles.

With the boys all settled, this gives me the perfect opportunity to get through my daily house chores. These are just a few simple tasks that as long as I get them completed, I am happy - things such as taking care of the pets, unloading/loading the dishwasher, making the bed, putting a load of laundry in etc.

I also use this time to check up on any new coupon deals and calculate my weight watcher points and meals for the day.

10:00 AM - The boys are still content (it's a miracle!) so I take a couple minutes to eat breakfast and do a few survey's (I do survey's to give us a little eztra spending money every month. Right now we are utilizing this money to do a few small home improvement projects!)

10:30 AM - I am all caught up and now it is time to play with my two favorite little people!

10:45 AM - Someone stinks. Time for Eli's diaper change #2. Unfortunately I was a little bit too hasty and well, he wasn't quite done yet. After I clean up that mess (whoohoo, not on the clothes though!) we are back in business!

10:50 AM - Spoke too soon. Spit up all over. Change of clothes for Elias.

10:50 AM - Okay, now back to playtime! Tummy time for Eli

and right over he goes!

Malachi has a new skill of climbing on EVERYTHING! Here he is trying to get from the swinging ottoman into the rocking chair - no such luck this time!

Yes, he did crash but he was perfectly fine I promise - Here's proof!

11:30 AM - Time to feed Malachi lunch. Baby brother plays while mommy makes Malachi lunch.

On the lunch menu, leftover ravioli's, homemade applesauce, and milk! We are in the beginning stages of self feeding.

The applesauce is a little more difficult and messy!

11:45 AM - Back to playing for a little bit longer. Malachi goes back to being a daredevil!

Time for bottle #2

Malachi utilizes this time to push buttons he isn't supposed to push. He's a smart cookie and knows I am busy and don't want to wake the baby going to sleep in my arms.

12:00 PM - Lay Eli down for his first nap. Night night sleepy boy!

come back down the stairs to this happy face - yep definitely time for his nap too!

12:05 PM- Sleep Sleep time for the big boy too!

Now this is my time! Today is a work out day so I spend the first 45 minutes working out. If it isn't a workout day and the weather is nice, I love to take my Kindle outside and relax for a little while. After I workout, it is finally time for a shower! If by some miracle both boys are still sleeping after I am done, I grab a quick lunch and work on a few more survey opportunities or blog or clean!

2:30 PM - Eli wakes up. I was impressed with the length of his nap today - my lucky day! He is none to happy when I set him on our bed to change his #4 diaper of the day.

3:45 PM - I can cheer the boy up with some green beans!

3:00 PM - Back to playing!

3:00 PM - and just in time, because the big man is awake! After diaper #3 for Malachi, he is off running around again! Playtime for Eli didn't last long at all before he wanted his bottle. So I had to just pour Malachi's afternoon snack out as I fed Eli - hey, we make do around here, I only have 2 hands :) Malachi didn't seem to mind!

4:00 PM - As afternoon playtime continues, Eli got stinky and needs another diaper change - #5 for him!

4:15 PM - Eli is getting cranky, time for his late afternoon nap!

5:00 PM - Start on dinner.

5:15 PM - Peter walks in the door, and just in time because Eli is awake and I need to finish dinner!

5:30 PM - Dinnertime. Tonight we are having salads so Malachi just gets to eat the best parts. He didn't complain - beans, cheese, corn, and crackers!

6:00 PM - Diaper change #6 for Elias, after which Eli decides he would like another bottle.

And a stinky #4 for Malachi! Daddy got that one :)

6:30 PM - Time for mommy to do some cleaning and get a little break from the kids while Daddy takes over and plays with them! I have my daily list of cleaning items I like to get done, and then I have a running log of chores. When I notice something that needs my attention, I add it to the bottom of the list and when I have a free moment I take the thing at the top of the list and take care of it. It isn't a perfect schedule, but it works really well for this phase of life we are in at the moment!

7:00 PM - I am back on duty with the kids. Bath time for Eli!

7:10 PM - All clean and lotioned up!

Into Jammies he goes - love how his fingers are always close to his mouth :)

7:15 PM - Bedtime Snack! Banana's and Yogurt tonight!

7:30 PM - Malachi is in the bathtub!

8:00 PM - Lotion and jammies for Malachi! By this time we are getting lots of eye rubs, so daddy goes in and does the nightly story time ritual!

Meanwhile, I get back to Eli and get him his cereal with pears!

And then we wait for him to get fussy. Sometimes it is after 9, but tonight he was ready right away so by 8:15 it was bottle and bedtime for the boy!

After the kids are finally in bed, it is time for Peter to hit the books. He studies at least 2 hours every night. I spend some of these two hours relaxing by either watching something on Netflix or reading a book on my kindle. I also fit in some cleaning during this time! Before bed Peter and I like to spend some time reading together (unless he studies REALLY late) Right now we are trying to finish up the book Radical by David Platt (a MUST read!)

Things are pretty busy and can be hectic, or maybe even boring to most, but this is the life I love!


Elle J said...

You are busy!! Loved this post. Malachi's hair is so awesome - love those curls. Do you mind sharing the link/company of the "surveys" that you are doing to earn extra income?