Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 5 - Halloween time and crowds, crowds, crowds

Today marked the first day of the great HalloweenTime celebration in Disneyland. There are a few special things that happen in the park for Halloween. In addition to lots and lots of Halloween decorations everywhere (which I love) and the characters all wearing costumes, the haunted mansion is redone for Christmas and Halloween (love it btw) and new this year are the Halloween fireworks (very very good) and the new Ghost Galaxy space mountain. Space mountain sure brought out the crowds this morning. In all of our journeys to Disneyland - summer, winter, spring break - I have never seen the park as busy as it was today. It was hot, it was humid, and it was crowded.

We knew that Space mountain was going to be busy and so we rushed at rope drop to Space Mountain. We were fortunate and made it on within the first half hour of the park being open. As we were up in the queve we saw the line was backed up all the way towards main street. The big change was the ride had firey ghosts all over in it and they chase you in the dark and try to grab you. It wasn't bad but we missed our normal space mountain.
After getting off the ride we got a fast pass for it. Within a couple of hours the ride was out of fast passes for the whole day - all the way through midnight and the ride had a 95 minute wait - crazy I tell ya!

Before heading back to the hotel to get away from the heat and the crowds we had made reservations for Cafe Orleans. We have never had a famous Monte Cristo and so we took this opportunity to try one - very good!

And the yummy Mickey Beignets (Had them before, but they were worth a second taste)!!!

The best part of the new Space Mountain is what happens to the exterior at night. Every 8 minutes a different effect happens on the exterior. Sometimes the ghosts scratch their way out, or collapse the mountain, or electrocute it - very cool effects!

The Great Mickey Pumpkin (with strangers in front of it)

Obviously a very special person has been on our mind during this trip. Everything we've bought on this trip has been for our little baby (Notice the special character in the center of the picture). We have also been buying some pictures for baby's room but we are saving those for another day!