Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fruit Loop

Yesterday we took our trip up the gorge on what has become a yearly tradition for us to take advantage of the fall weather and fresh apples and pears on the Hood River Fruit Loop! The weather was chilly but nice which made the day great!

I love the fall colors and I like decorating for fall and knowing that the holidays are coming soon. I enjoy the cold, crisp air, and wearing sweatpants and pulling out warm snugly blankets! I love the return of college football season and settling back in to fall schedules. It seems like things slow down just a little bit in the fall and we are able to spend more time together, at home enjoying the warmth and comfort of warm foods and earlier bedtimes :)

Peter and I have been enjoying photography lately and the fruit loop was a great opportunity for us to take some pictures of what has become my favorite time of the year:

I personally believe that this is the best time of year to call the northwest your home. I do love spring and summer in Oregon, but I believe fall is the best. Don't even get me started on Oregon winter's though, I could skip January thru March