Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time to take a deep breath and ...... relax

We can take a breather for awhile now.

Now I know this isn't our adoption blog, but I wanted to post this on our family blog too as this is important information!

If you missed the post below about our trip to see Dave Ramsey - check that one out too, it's good, solid information!

This is 3 months of our lives:

I know it doesn't look like much, but we have put a ton of work into these documents right here. Our dossier is officially complete and we are just waiting on word that the agency has received our home study for review and we will be able to turn our dossier in! It feels so good to be done with the paperwork!

I remember the day we received our home study and dossier binders in the mail. I felt so overwhelmed by all the information we needed to compile. Slowly, step by step it all came together. This very information will be put in the mail and travel all the way to Addis Ababa Ethiopia where the Ministry of Women's Affairs will look over all this information and determine if we would make good parents to an Ethiopian child. Very important documents!

Once they approve us (hopefully) they will hold on to it until a child has been referred to us and a court date has been granted. The judge will ask the Ministry of Women's Affairs for a determination on the case and once they give favorable determination we will be able to go and hold our baby!

We are hopeful that possibly this week we will be given our first official wait list numbers and then we wait for a few months. We are still hopeful that come January or February we will get "the call" that will forever change our lives!

We are both very excited to get our dossier turned in. Another huge step closer to bringing home our baby!