Monday, September 14, 2009

Vacation Goals (yes we have them)

This week we are busy trying to push through the work week and get things done so we can have a very fun week next week! On Sunday we leave for a week of fun in Disneyland! Peter has been working late as he has a lot of things to try to get done before he takes off for a week. We are also trying to finish up some paperwork for the adoption and also getting our house and yard clean because our state background checks could be back any day now and we have to be prepared for the potential of having home study visits right after returning home.

This will be the 6th year in a row for me to visit a Disney park and I hope that this is a yearly streak that I never have to break ;)

I took a trip with the high schoolers from our school on our way down to Mexico. I was able to spend my 18th Birthday in Disneyland and that was a very fun experience!

The next year Peter proposed to me in Disneyland.

The 3rd time was on our honeymoon.

The 4th time we did something a little different and spent 10 days in DisneyWorld

And last year we spent our 2nd wedding anniversary in Disneyland and even got to experience an earthquake on our anniversary!

So obviously Disneyland is very near and dear to our heart and we are looking forward to some new experiences this time around. The added benefit of spending the entire week there is that we can take our time and really experience some of the less known parts of the happiest place on earth!

With that we leave you with a list of our vacation goals (I hope we get to do it all!)

1) Eat a famous Monte Cristo
2) Go to Billy Hill and the Hillbillies
3) Ride the new It's a Small World
4) Ride the Halloween Overlay Space Mountain
5) Ride Nemo Submarines
6) Ride Haunted Mansion Halloween Overlay
7) Do Toy Story Midway Mania
8) Watch the Pixar Parade
9) See the new Fantasmic Dragon
10) Get into the Disney employee store
11) Ride Screamin 5 times in a row
12) Go to our ritual Blue Bayou Dinner
13) Eat Mickey Beignets
14) Try a Tigger Tail
15) Peter wants to ride the teacups for the first time ever and spin them
16) Ride Mickey's Funwheel
17) Watch the Halloween Fireworks
18) Have a Dole Whip Float EVERYDAY!
19) Go to Turtle Talk with Crush
20) Open the park and close the park
21) Go to Pirate's Lair
22) Try to finally enjoy Indiana Jones
23) Do "Toontown"

We may still add more to this list.

Busy, busy trip but since this WILL be our last childless trip to the park we want to be sure to do everything we've ever wanted to do but haven't gotten to do.

We will be sure to take pictures of our progress as we work through this list of goals! It will be a lot of fun :)


Dad said...

What not mention of how many times you want to eat at In-n-Out? I was thinking atleast once a day.