Saturday, September 26, 2009

The home stretch - Day 4

We made it into the final 3 days of our Disneyland vacation. After taking the first three days pretty easy we decided to pick up the pace a little to get in everything we wanted to do.

We had done most of the big rides by this point and so we weren't too concerned about riding those.

We used our Magical Morning this morning and the park was packed. We specifically used our early hour so we could ride Finding Nemo and were disappointed to find that Finding Nemo was down. A quick trip to City Hall to ask for a fast pass for later in the day fixed that problem.

More and more Halloween decorations are showing up every night. I love fall so I have really been enjoying the decorations!

After a busy and hot morning in the park we headed back to our room to relax for awhile. We have definitely been getting our exercise these past few days. Our hotel is about a mile away from the park and with two trips back and forth a day and all the walking in the parks we have been whipping ourselves into shape. Doesn't make us feel too guilty for indulging on the treats. Today we indulged on our favorite Disneyland treat and went to the Blue Bayou for our special Disneyland dinner.
This restaurant is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and while VERY expensive it is a tradition we look forward to experiencing in every year. The ambiance is great and there was a little old man playing a banjo on the balcony of Club33 playing traditional New Orleans style music that added to the experience.

For dinner we had 5 Pepper New York Strip Steak

Filet Mignon:

And finished our meal with the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Boat!!!

After dinner we waddled over to Finding Nemo and used our fast passes to ride it for the very first time:
The boats were little but the Finding Nemo elements were a great addition to the submarines which used to be very boring. The ride was much much more entertaining then I remember it being.
As evening set on the happiest place on earth, Peter pulled out his camera and we wandered the park taking lots of pictures! We love Disneyland at night :)