Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 3

This is what vacation looks like to me:

Chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookie frosted sandwich! Yummy!!!

Vacation is still going very well. The weather has gotten very hot but I will not complain about it. I imagine fall will have hit Oregon by the time we get home so I want to enjoy all the sun I can get because it is going to disappear for several months.

We had another low key day in the parks. Did a few other things that we have not done before. The parks had really low crowds and so it was just very relaxing.

We were finally able to watch the Pixar parade. We've just never taken the time to watch this 15 minute show. It is kind of fun as it is a water parade and so the characters spray water as they go through the route.

Our favorite - The Incredibles characters (but no Dash, how dissapointing)

Adorable little Boo:

Another tasty thing that we just discovered - Frozen apple juice. There is only one stand in the whole park that serves it.

We did our best to take advantage of all of the indoor air conditioned rides. We hit up the new It's a Small World. We loved the new additions to the ride. They have now added close to 30 Disney characters to the ride and that was fun to see!

Baby Dash's home country: