Friday, December 14, 2007

In sickness and health

Well, the week is over! I did in fact call in sick yesterday. I tried to avoid it but I think it was for the best. There is no way with the shape my back was in that I would be able to do my job. I did go in today and now I only have three more days of work next week! I am still getting over this bug that I have and I am really hoping Peter doesn't get it.

I am always amazed how Peter steps up to the plate when I really need him to. He never fails to take care of me when I need him to. The last few days he has helped me out with every little thing that he can. He's been forcing me to bed at 6:30 at night so I get enough rest. He's been making sure I drink enough water to get better. Wednesday night he even went to the store and bought my food and gift for a gift exchange I had at work. He wrapped the gift and even delivered it to my work after I was unable to go. It really is the smallest things that he does that really make me fall more in love with him and become even more attracted to him.

I feel so very lucky that he chose me to be his wife. It is weird how we still miss each other all the time. I always figured after you got married and lived together that you would get tired of always being around each other, or at least enjoy your time apart. I think we both do enjoy sometime to ourselves, but overall we still really miss each other after a work day and look forward to our time together on the weekends! There is so much about marriage that I am still learning :)

It never ceases to amaze me how Peter lives out his wedding vows to me on a daily basis. I never doubted that he would keep his vows, but in my mind he exceeds them daily! With all of the back problems I have had in the past year and how they have affected me physically, financially, emotionally, and at times spiritually - he has been there every step of the way in more ways then I thought I needed him. God is good and he gave me the best!


Alessandra said...

omg u guys seem lik the happiest couple on the universe and this is an awesome blog!