Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Recap!!!

Don't forget to check out our trip recap - the post below - if you haven't yet!!!
2007 year in review with pictures!!!
We rung in 2007 in Coos Bay!!!

In May we went on our First trip to Disney World!

The tree of life!

Waiting for Fantasmic to start!

In early May we finally received our baby Chinchillas after waiting 2 months
to get them. Callie and Kahlua were both born on March 16th!
In June we went to a family reunion up at Wallowa Lake.
The views from the summit were amazing!
On the top of the mountain at Wallowa Lake!
In early July Peter bought me an awesome
first anniversary present!!!
For our First Anniversary we went down to Southern Oregon
and visited Crater Lake!
Our anniversary trip also took us to the Redwood Forrest!

The months of October and November were filled with
several job interviews which eventually led to Peter
accepting a position at KPMG in early November!!!
Right before Christmas we escaped to Depot Bay for
a couple of nights of relaxation!
Christmas 2007

The girls loved their 1st Christmas!

The end of December sees us in San Francisco cheering Oregon State on
to a win in the Emerald Bowl!!
Our Year almost ended in San Francisco!

2007 was a really fun and great year for us. We continually saw God's blessings in our life and spent a lot of time in awe of how greatly he showed his favor on us. Here's hoping to an even more amazing 2008! We already have much to look forward to in the coming year!!!


LCP said...

I like the idea of "recapping" the year...great photos!

Here is to 2008