Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Creepy Crud!!!

This week is almost half over and boy are we happy about it! Peter and I have both been working quite a bit. Now that classes are over for Peter he is working a lot more and I am in the heart of the busiest time of year at work. Unfortunately I am also pretty sick right now. I have a pretty bad head cold but to make it worse my back is killing me. For some reason my soreness that accompanies a cold is really affecting my back pain. Throw in a cough and my back is wasted. I am hoping that I am feeling better tomorrow so that I don't call in sick. I am yet to call in sick and I really don't want to start now! Today I was supposed to work late but I was able to ask if I could leave after my 9 hour day instead of staying for the 11 hours I was supposed to work. So now I am trying to relax and hopefully kick this thing before it gets any worse.

This weekend was nice. Our niece's spent the night with us. They are actually a lot of fun to listen to. They have the strangest conversations and say the funniest things. I have a few pictures to share at the end.

We also met Peter's new little brother Edik this week. Edik is ten years old and is from Russia. We have had a lot of emotions building up to his arrival but he is now here and we look to what our future with him holds. We met him this weekend. It was so weird, he was so excited to meet us and when we got up to the house he was jumping around and excited. We went inside and sat down with him. It was heartbreaking to see how he acted around us. You could tell that he wanted to hang out with us but he was afraid to for some reason. He literally sat there with his back to us. Almost like he didn't feel worthy to be our friend. I don't want to read to much into it because I can't speak for how he was feeling, but that is the feeling we got. It broke our hearts. We want to have an influence in his life and more importantly we want him to feel like he is worthy of being part of our family and MOST importantly worthy of God's love. I hope that we are able to show him love and live God's love out for him! I think the language barrier is a huge issue right now and we will be able to build a much better relationship with him after we are able to communicate!

In one week we will be done with work for the Christmas holiday!!! Our way of celebrating Christmas is that we go away to the beach for a couple of nights before Christmas. It is a lot of fun and a great way to relax our way into Christmas! With how I feel right now I am more then ready for the next week to go by.

Cooking Dinner with the niece's!

Peter's attempt at teaching them video games!