Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Weekend Away

After a year of marriage that was a bit harder on us, we decided that it was worth it to splurge on a little celebration getaway.  There is nothing we enjoy more than some time to relax just the two of us and we couldn't wait!  

We went to our most favorite part of our state and checked into one of the top hotels in the state!  What we loved most was each room was actually its own adorable cabin!  We were not disappointed! 



We were within walking distance to town and enjoyed some dinner and an amazing little ice cream shop that we may have had to make a few stops at! 

We made it back to our cabin in time to watch the sunset. I was hoping to see some wildlife on our back porch but nothing was out there that I could see at least. 

We were pleasantly surprised to find the most adorable picnic breakfast delivered to our door the next morning. 

This was the perfect thing to get us ready for our day of hiking. Soon we were off on a very interesting one hour drive on a scenic highway to the middle of nowhere. I've seen a lot of Oregon but this was a new area for me which was kind of cool.  It is apparently butterfly season in the area and they were all over the place, hopefully too many weren't casualties to our car. We were dodging chipmunks and butterflies left and right. 


Finally we made it to our hiking destination and it did not disappoint. It wasn't long and all and we were at our first waterfall. 


We had to work a little bit harder to get to the second one but boy was it worth it! It was breathtaking! 

On our way out to our hike we noticed a really cool spot that was lava rock as far as the eye could see. We decided we definitely needed to make a stop on the way back and check it out. 

We also had fun as Peter's little hybrid car showed off on the way down the mountain. Previous trip was up to the summit, current is where we topped out on the way down. 

The next morning we had another wonderful picnic breakfast delivered to the door. 

Unfortunately the trip had come and gone too fast and it was time to start the trip home.  On the way though, we stopped at a fishing spot my Dad recommended and guaranteed we would catch a lot of fish. Peter wasn't convinced but it took about 30 seconds after I put my line in the water for him to agree. 

We caught (and released) soooo many fish. I didn't post the video but it was about 12 seconds from cast to fish on shore lol.  Peter had some fun and tried a bunch of different fishing techniques to test just how easy it was. 

And that was a wrap on a wonderful weekend away. Year 11 is off to a really great start!