Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Perfect Family Day

For 7 years we have been parents. We were blessed hard and fast with all 4 of them. Malachi started us off on our journey 7 years ago when we met and brought him home this week so this is traditionally his "Gotcha Day"!  This is also the same week that we brought LB home which was very coincidental.  We still try to celebrate Mal's Ethiopian roots but we also make the celebration a fun family day all together.  

Don't get me wrong, I love babies but there is just something about our family in these days with the ages the kids are that they are just a lot of fun to be with.  There are more things we can all do together and I am sure that is just going to continue as the kids keep growing.

We took this occasion to take off to the beach and just enjoy a day together!  We haven't been to the beach since March and the weather seemed pretty perfect.  Sunny but not too hot and not too cold.  As soon as the kids saw the sand, their excitement was contagious! 

It wasn't long before we realized that we needed to switch to swimsuits! 

On the way home we made a fun little stop!  Everyone in the family loves donuts! 

We could have spent all day into the evening at the beach and I think everyone would have been thrilled to do that (it's a good thing we didn't, can you say sunburn) but we had Ethiopian food cooking at home so we needed to get home for dinnertime. 

This is one of the few times a year we have Ethiopian food, mainly because in the past because the kids haven't been the biggest fans, but Malachi and LB devoured the stuff and have been eating it as leftovers even, so maybe we can indulge more in the future!  We love any opportunity we have to bring a bit of Mal's culture into our home. 

And then as the evening wore on, we were hoping to spend the evening watching the meteor shower with the kids but the cloud cover interrupted that.  Fortunately we were still able to have a great time as a family playing "Would you Rather" around the fire pit. Clearly they didn't like either option I gave them.  

It was a simple day, but a perfect one. Seriously as I looked around at my family in the evening I just couldn't imagine life getting much better. I am so blessed with my husband and these kids.  They may fight and bicker and be disrespectful. I may run out of patience and I certainly make lots of mistakes, but I love them all so much and they're all perfect the way they are! Family time is the best time and I hope we can keep this Family Day tradition going for years and years!