Friday, April 21, 2017

Sabrina Turns 5!

Well we barely recovered from the weekend and we were at it again with another birthday party! For some reason that big #5 is extra hard for this mama, and I couldn't help but take a picture as we went to bed the final night of this girl being 4. 

And we woke up to a big 5 year old! 


 Because the kids chose to do their birthday party together, they also surprised us by choosing to do their birthday fun day together too. They planned the whole thing together and had a great time! My 5 and 7 year old! We started our fun day to a fun local place that has a jungle gym, bouncy houses, and arcade games. Thankful it was a week day we had the place almost completely to ourselves!

And the kids surprised us again by choosing chinese food as their lunch out!

And then the part the kids love the most, a stop at the toy store!  They were kind and patient as their sibling took their turn to look at toys and it was particularly fun this year to see Bina spend time in the nail polish, and lip gloss and headbands and Barbies. She was all about the girly stuff this year! 


And last but not least, free ice cream treats!

Oh and of course the Birthday treat with the family. Of course our donut loving girl made this choice! 

And then a day later off to the doctor where they are as healthy as can be!  Bina is 50% for height and 30% for weight. Mal is still tall sitting in the 88% for height and 80% for weight and we were complimented by the staff for how well behaved and kind the kids were which made me all the prouder! 

I can't even believe that 5 years have passed since I gave birth to my baby girl.  She delighted us from the first second I heard her daddy announce those words "It's a girl!"  My heart longed for a girl in a way I didn't want to admit but she has been a blessing and our little princess ever since!  She is a bit shy but getting more social as she grows.  And even though she is a bit shy, if you get to see her true personality you will see one total goofball. She was always the happiest and most content baby in the family, the easiest to get a big smile from. She has her daddy's eyes and her daddy's dimples that melt me into a million pieces. Her eyes sparkle when she smiles. She's one half pink princess and the other half rough and tumble worm loving, brother slugging tough girl!  She's brought joy to me as a girl mama that I didn't know I needed.  

Oh baby girl, how quickly the years ago. You stole my heart the day you were born and I didn't know how badly I needed or longed for a baby girl in my life.  You were a perfect princess from that day forward!  Your smile and sparkly eyes light up a room. You can be ornery and stubborn but most of the time you keep us laughing at your goofy antics.  You're our most creative child and love to sit and color or paint.  You can melt my heart into a million pieces with just one little tear.  You remind me so much of myself as a kid. One part sensitive and shy, crazy hair, love playing with worms in the dirt, love babies!  It is fun watching you grow more and more even though I'd love to go back in time and cuddle you just a little bit longer. I look forward to watching lots of exciting things happen for you in the next year, maybe you'll finally have the nerve to start up a sport, and of course kindergarten!  Wow baby girl, you've grown too fast but we love you so much our Sabrina Fair!