Friday, April 7, 2017

A Day in My Life 2017

Several years back I would randomly do a post series "A day in my life".  Well, for a few years there life was just so chaotic that I didn't even do it anymore. Life is actually probably more chaotic now than ever before and it can get pretty mundane but I don't want to forget these days. I feel very fortunate that I get these times with my kids and I am there for every first, including their firsts academically.  The days can be long and busy and hard and sometimes boring but these are days I will never get back. These kids are growing up so fast and I wanted to take a moment to document what a normal day in this phase of life looks like as a stay at home, homeschooling mom! 

5:30 AM - wake up because one of the sick kids is needing us. Peter handles it and starts getting ready for work. I eventually doze off again.

7:30 AM - Up for the day, shower and devotions. 

8:15 - Get LB up 

8:20 - Breakfast

Extra vitamins for all as the kids are all sick and I'm not feeling great either. 

8:30 AM - I start on the laundry, at least one load a day but sometimes more.  This is also the time of day I enter all my contests.  Yes, it is silly but we win things from free grocery products to football tickets and even $1000 once! 

The kids do their morning chores and can play for a little bit. Eli takes advantage this morning by playing Minecraft.

Morning Chores 

9:30 AM - I head out to the garage to clean up the foster pups cage and get them fed

Then do my new favorite workout! Not feeling good today but still get it done! 

10:30 AM - Snack time! 

10:45 AM - School time. We start school with combined time, a little bit of reading Capyboppy and either science, history, or Bible.  Today is a science day and we learn about black holes and dying stars. 

While the kids work on their assignments I am preparing for our next school year putting together my lesson plans.

11:30 - I start individual study time for the core subjects with Malachi. On days we are in a hurry I work with them all together but it is hectic for me with a lot of bouncing around plus the kids focus better when they're the only ones in the room.  

12:30 - Lunch break 

1:00 Back to school time for Malachi, nap for LB

1:45 - Malachi is done, now Sabrina's turn for school 

2:30 PM - Eli starts school 

3:00 PM - School is done, time for a little bit of relaxing.

3:45 PM - Time to cook dinner with Malachi 

4:30 PM - Dinner is cooked and Daddy walks through the door 

5:00 PM - Malachi and Peter head off to track practice 

Poor LB is feeling awful and wants snuggles. 104 degree temp, poor baby. 

7:00 PM - Fever is down, and bedtime for LB

7:15 PM - Peter and Malachi return home.  Time to pick up the house, jammies, brush teeth and story time for lights out at 8 PM. 

8 PM - Kids are in bed, Peter and I do the dishes and clean the kitchen, pick up the leftover toys. I bring the dogs in the house for baths as they will be going up for adoption the next day. Clean their cage and feed them.  

Spend a little bit of time chatting before heading up to bed around 9:30 PM.  Exhausted from another busy day!