Saturday, April 8, 2017

Foster Pups #27 and #28 Hoover and Bissell

We've been occupied the last three weeks with some adorable albeit hyper little lab pups!  It all started when we picked up adorable little Hoover who also liked to howl all night long! He was lucky he was so cute! 

After about 3 days with him, I noticed that in less than an hours time he was acting really sick, bloody runny stool, vomiting, shaking.  I immediately emailed the dog rescue and they were quick to respond asking me to take the sweet boy to their vet.  He was so lethargic and just wanted to snuggle. 

Trust me when I say this was not normal behavior.

Unfortunately his Parvo test came back positive. I left him in the care of the vet as they were going to do everything they could to save him but Parvo is a nasty illness and I knew it could turn out really bad for the poor pup.  The dog rescue was amazing about keeping me informed about how he was doing. They also let me know that of his brothers (they had 4 pups in the litter total) Bissell had also tested positive for Parvo and was at the vet seeking treatment. 

After several days at the vet they pups were doing much better and I was asked if I would take both boys for a 2 week quarantine period. Oh boy! We actually discovered quickly though that Hoover was calmer and quieter with his brother to snuggle with! So that was at least a win even if they were quite a bit of work. 

Not to mention the significant amount of meds they needed to be taking. 

All that to say we did survive the two week quarantine period and the boys were super sweet!  They grew so much too!  And I am happy to report that they quickly found families, which I knew would be no problem at all with how sweet and adorable they were! 

Last night was our first puppy free night and I was saying how nice it was to not have to take care of a pup.  Well, just as I said that I got an email asking if we were interested in another foster, which of course I didn't even hesitate to agree to!  I'm a glutton for puppy snuggles!