Thursday, February 18, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

We had a really great Valentine's Weekend this year!  After a wonderful dinner out the night before just Peter and I, we wanted to spend the day celebrating with the kids. we had goodies galore!  

Malachi really wanted to help fix the dinner, so he helped make yummy spaghetti


And warm bread! 

Sabrina wanted to help set the table! 

It was a yummy and fun dinner! 

Then we asked the kids what they would like to do.  First they wanted to play duck, duck, goose 

Even little miss gave it a try! 

Then it was time for a dance party! 

LB is pretty good at that too! 

Then we were able to give DateBox a try for the first time. I'm a sucker for a good subscription box and love the concept of a date night planned for us!  We added a few items to the box ourselves, but it was the perfect start to a date night. Including a fun romantic spotify list and a paid online massage course that was also helpful! It was fun and I look forward to a new date next month!