Monday, February 15, 2016

1st Basketball Season

We just wrapped up Malachi's first season of basketball.  I was excited to see this as an option for a kindergartner, but as basketball didn't start when I was a kid until 3rd grade, I was really wondering how in the world they were going to figure out how to play it at this age.  Well, I will say, at this age it is a bit rough!  The season was broken up into two parts. The first half being Saturday morning round robin style practice sessions, followed by the second half of the season being split up into teams and playing games.  Malachi started a bit timid and hadn't the first clue on how to even dribble a ball, but after weeks of hearing a ball bounce around our house in practice, he was getting the hang of it by the end of the season and was really starting to enjoy the game! 

Not gonna lie, it was a bit hard to watch this year, but I can see a clear advantage to getting the basic concepts figured out and I am sure by the time they are in 3rd grade, where I just started to learn, they'll have a really good understanding and be better for it!  On to the next season - full of swimming lessons for the boys!