Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Eli's Birthday Celebration

There's something fun about the kids getting older, even if it definitely feels bittersweet.  This year we had a fun day planned with our birthday boy.  Starting off with a trip to Portland for some super yummy and free birthday donuts!  

Then a trip to OMSI for a bit to play and discover! 

Then the trip to the toy store, which we'd been hearing all about Minecraft legos for weeks.

He left pretty darn happy! 

Some yummy pizza lunch! 

And a stop for free birthday ice cream! 

And of course no birthday would be complete without some cake and candles and singing! 

A few days later and it was party time!  With of course, a Minecraft theme! 

                                                                    He was so excited!

We had a wonderful time celebrating a special 5th birthday boy!  Now if only we can get the next 5 years to go a bit slower!