Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Fun!

And just like that the calendar changes and Christmas sweeps through the house. Christmas feels extra magical this year with a house full of little ones who are finally starting to understand the excitement of Christmas! We started the season off with a special little welcome breakfast from a special little friend!

Side note: If you have not tried Peppermint Cotton Candy, you should run to your nearest T*arget right this minute and get some!

                                                     The kids each got to make ornaments!

 Then it was time to decorate. The kids have been asking for days if they could decorate the house so this was especially fun and they just wanted to play and stare at every decoration. So fun!

This year we upgraded to a 9 ft tree.  Peter had a hard time getting the topper on it.  Even with the upgrade, I foresee years to come that we need an even bigger tree for our house!

And so the season begins!  I know there are going to still be lots of exciting moments to come that I hope to catch on camera.  We're looking forward to Family Christmas Movie Nights, Christmas Stories, and a fun trip out to look at Christmas lights. Of course Malachi asks everyday if it is Christmas yet.  The day will soon be here!