Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Weekend Away

Peter and I have always had a tradition where we forego Christmas gifts to each other.  Instead of trying to figure out what to get each other, we have opted to go away for a weekend together sometime around Christmas.  This has been one of the parts of December (or sometimes even January) that I look forward to the most.  It's a chance to relax during a stressful time of year and give each other the most important gift of quality time!  

So this year, we opted to go up to Seattle and spend a weekend with Peter's brother Andy and his girlfriend Rachel!  We had a really great time just hanging out with them and getting to know Rachel without the responsibility of children and their constant needs.  And best of all it was a huge time of refreshment for Peter and I.  I had no idea how badly I needed some time away.  I was feeling smothered with the duties at home and Peter and I just haven't been clicking like we usually do. That time of adjustment after bringing a new baby home is hard!  Everything about life changes and it takes months to get back in the groove. The time away was really great and we came home connected and de-stressed and ready to enter this Christmas season!  

* Special thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Keyser for keeping our rowdy bunch so we could escape! *

Yes, he's sorting jelly bellies for me!

We met a camel, that was pretty cool! 

And some reindeer

We had a great time with these two lovebirds!