Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 In Review

Truly, I can't believe it is December and our year is almost over!  The years keep flying by for us!  We had a another very exciting and busy year.  So many awesome and wonderful things happened in our lives.  We're still processing and adjusting to all the changes this year has brought, but its been a good one! 

We started 2014 off in Ethiopia!  I still don't think I have fully processed that trip. All I do know is that my heart longs to return and I still am left trying to figure out what my role is for the bigger picture.  

We got a decent amount of snow right around Eli's birthday and my boy's had a lot of fun!

Eli turned 3 years old in spiderman fashion!

                                      We also sold my much beloved jeep.  I still miss that thing!

                                                And we became a swaggerwagon family!

                                            Mr. Malachi turned 4 years old - break my heart!

                                                And my little princess became a 2 year old!

One of the highlights of my year was getting away with Peter for a weekend in the spring. It was probably the most relaxing time we've had in years!

And something we totally didn't see happening this year, Peter accepted a new position that moved him into the world of International Tax!

                                            We celebrated a final 4th of July as a family of 5!

Of course the highlight of our year, was the addition of sweet LB!  She has been a true dream come true for our family!

And while there were no plans to visit a Disney park this year, to our surprise LB was born in Florida and since we couldn't leave for 2 weeks, we knew exactly where we needed to go! 

Not many 5 pound, 5 day old babies get to visit DisneyWorld! 

We've taken 4 trips to Seattle to visit Uncle Andy this year (and 1 more to come over New Year's).  A highlight of those trips would be Peter getting to take Eli to his first Mariner's Game!

Our late summer days were spent in soccer practice and swim lessons!

Because of Peter's new role in International Tax, he was able to travel to Ireland for 2 weeks to work!

 On October 31st we were blessed to finalize LB's adoption and she officially became a Keyser!

We also had the most adorable Halloween ever!

                                      We took a quick trip to San Jose for Peter's work!

Its truly just been a wonderful year full of lots of blessings! I am so grateful for how this year has turned out and there isn't much I would change about it.  I look forward to 2015, there's not much crazy we have planned (yet)!  Thanks for a good one 2014!


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What an amazing year! I am so in awe of sweet Lily Belle, and your entire family! You all seem simply amazing.

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