Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Think Box #4

What was the wisest decision you made this year? Who did it impact? Describe your decision-making process, discuss the results, or just share a little learned wisdom.

This has been an incredible year for us.  We have accomplished so much.  It hasn't been what I would consider an easy year and there has been a lot of stress and sacrifice at times but the accomplishments and strides forward in our life have been great!  We have continued to live life in the fast lane for sure!

When I try to think of all we have accomplished, the biggest accomplishment I can think of though is becoming debt free!  We've been following The Total Money Makeover for several years now and had been working towards that day.  It was a huge goal of our lives accomplished!  Not being tied down by student loans or car payments has been a huge relief!  We've learned some valuable lessons financially and have worked hard to find the balance between meeting our financial goals but also living in the moment and enjoying ourselves just a little bit!  

It was a big step towards our future.  We still have a long ways to go and we've had to just ignore those financial goals for awhile while we focus on more important things (adoption!) but we know we can pick it all right back up and get going again when the time is right.  We've set ourselves on the right path and that will make a huge difference as the years go by.  And if we're lucky maybe we can teach our kids a thing or two and set them on the right path too.