Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had another wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  Holidays seem so much sweeter surrounded with our sweet little family.  

We were up bright and early Thanksgiving day to run the Give N Gobble Race!  We got there a bit late so didn't take the proper time to warm up and get ready but we were looking at it as a fun race opportunity and not as much a PR race for us.  I had a cold and was not feeling all that great and Peter has been recovering from injury.  From a mental standpoint this was definitely my best race.  I have a tendency to wig myself out before races and then don't run well but I was able to settle down pretty quickly with this one and get into my own routine.  This was also the first race I chose to wear headphones and I think that made a huge difference for me mentally too.  I find running a lot easier with music on.  My first mile killed me because I was amongst the crowd and was disappointed to see 11 minutes on my watch at mile 1.  I played a slow and steady catch up the rest of the race bringing me in at 32:19.  Not a PR but all things considered I was pleased with that finish. It was an easy and fun 5K!  

Peter of course always finds a way to do fabulous even in the worst of conditions.  He ran the 10K and came in at 47:52!  He's just a beast and there isn't much more to say about that.  

After we got ourselves all cleaned up it was the loooong trek up the walkway between our yards to Peter's parents house for dinner.  This living arrangement proved valuable a few times already just that morning.  It was easy for Peter's dad to come down and watch the kids while we ran. They had the use of another oven for cooking, and we were able to conveniently plop the kids in their own beds for a nap midday and then head back up later for more visiting.  

It was a really great Thanksgiving with a wonderful meal!  

Another big part of the long weekend was making wreaths for our adoption fundraising.  We did this one 4 years ago when we were dreaming of our first little baby and it was really sweet that this time that baby got to go out and help Grandpa and Grandma get the greens for his baby brother or sister!

Peter's parents and grandma worked very hard this weekend to make a bunch of beautiful wreaths and this has been a hugely succesful adoption fundraiser!  I feel so blessed to have grandparents who work so hard to support us on our adventures and a wonderful group of friends and family who are willing to support us financially as we come up with the funds to adopt again!