Monday, December 30, 2013

A real year end recap!

Well, my month long recap kind of fell apart.  Such goes life.  December, following the whole theme of the year was a bit crazy.  So, I figured I would write a brief little year categorized review here and in my next post will share some of my goals for the year ahead!   

   A year ago, we told ourselves that 2013 was going to be a calm year where we didn't do much of anything and just rested up.  HAH!  I think 2013 could collectively be the busiest, most chaotic year for us yet!  I like to be an organized person but organization has been hard to come by this year and I find myself just looking a day or two ahead on the calendar because I don't have the time to prepare for anything beyond that!  

     Just because of the busyness of life, we've had a few more nit picky moments this year than normal but we've also worked through a lot of things which is a good thing.   We're very happy and have put a lot of time and effort into communicating and connecting.  In the few minutes we have to ourselves we have learned to put more effort into focusing our attention on each other instead of less important things. 

    The kids are doing great.  We now have 3 toddlers and things can get pretty crazy.  However, in a lot of ways I feel like we really settled into a great routine with them this year.  Malachi and Eli are doing preschool work and that has been great for them and I have seen a lot of growth with them.  We also conquered potty training for Eli early in the year and reached lots of new and exciting milestones for Sabrina.  And of course, even among all that craziness, we felt like we were missing some craziness and needed to add another little baby to our family!  

     On a wild hair idea, we decided to sell our house in the new year which was nowhere on our radar.  We also found a house that was a total dream come true for us!  We sold our old home and moved into our new home and did a ton of work on this place!  Working on our house consumed a lot of our time this year!  

    We successfully continued running this entire year to complete about 18 months of running! We ran several races this year and both conquered new goals this year as Peter ran his first half marathon and I ran a 10K.  

   Along with a few trips locally to Eagle Crest and the beach for the 4th of July and 2 trips up to Seattle.  We also went on fun trips to Atlanta on business for Peter and a trip to Disneyland to run our races!  

   We met some huge financial goals this year as we became officially debt free (minus the mortgage) and were able to start on baby step #4 as we started our retirement nest egg.  With that being said, this has also oddly enough been our toughest year financially.  Money has been very tight but we've survived and the new year is feeling like a breath of fresh air!  

   Peter has had another great year at work as he takes on more responsibility.  He is fast approaching 5 years with his company and has taken several steps in the direction of furthering his career in the year ahead!